Concord Post Offices

Concord Post Offices
Concord's First Post Office

Longbottom (later Concord) Post Office was introduced in 1851, the first suburban post office. This was operated by a Mr. Peter McGrath in his shop on Parramatta Road, opposite Concord…

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Australia: The Confusing Country

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Australia is a very confusing place, taking up a large amount of the bottom half of the planet. It is recognisable from orbit because of many unusual features, including what…

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Do you know this soldier?

(Dame) Eadith Walker set up "The Camp" on her Concord estate, Yaralla, to care for WWI soldiers who were suffering from tuberculosis.  She also loaned her home, "Shuna", at Leura…

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Who Really Stole Christmas?

Since the Middle Ages Christmas had been celebrated in much the same way as today:  25 December was the High Holy Day on which the birth of Christ was commemorated…

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Yaralla’s Royal Encounter

Yaralla’s Royal Encounter
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex delighted Yaralla residents on their recent royal tour

Yaralla House residents were invited by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet to a meet and greet with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Sydney Opera House…

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