“One family’s legacy”

Although there are many important heritage sites in the area, the most important would be the three Walker Estates – Yaralla House (Dame Eadith Walker Hospital), Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (Rivendell), and the Yaralla Cottages.

The Walker family at Yaralla
The Walker family at Yaralla
Thomas Walker Hospital view from river
Yaralla Cottages

The Yaralla Estate, situated on the Parramatta River, is the most significant of the three estates. This was the home of Thomas Walker and his daughter, Dame Eadith Walker, two people who played very significant roles in the history of Australia. Our society is very active in the continuing preservation of this magnificent Edwardian estate.

The Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (now operating as Rivendell) was established as a convalescent hospital for the people of Sydney, following the death of Thomas Walker.

The Yaralla Cottages were built by Dame Eadith Walker to house members of her staff who could no longer carry out their duties.

Fund Raising: To support our aims, we raise money to help with the preservation and restoration of minor buildings and areas on the estate. Our main fund raising effort is the holding of Open Days at Yaralla and Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital. We are most grateful to the Sydney Local Health District and Rivendell for allowing us access to these sites.

All money raised in this way is used purely for our work in the conservation of the estates.

Through this fund-raising, we have been able to carry out work on several outbuildings as well as around the grounds. (See Restoration Work at Yaralla.)

In the squash court we have established a comprehensive display of historic photographs pertaining to the Walker family and the estates. We have also set up the headstones from Dame Eadith’s Pet Cemetery. These had been removed from site due to the risk of vandalism.

As well as our regular Open Days at Yaralla we can also cater for smaller tour groups from other associations. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to gain entry to the main building but we can conduct grounds tours and open our photographic display. We can provide morning/afternoon tea in the dairy if required.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist us with our work so if you would like to offer your services as a tour guide, to help with Devonshire teas, or to assist with labouring work on the estate please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to put your name down on a waiting list to be notified of the next tour of this magnificent estate complete the form below. We will contact you approximately two months prior to the date to give you details.

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