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Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (Rivendell) photo

Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (Rivendell)

Walker family at Yaralla photo

Yaralla Estate

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Use of Yaralla grounds

To enquire about the use of the Yaralla grounds for photography or any other use, please contact:

Deborah Jenkins

0423 294 110
Sydney Local Health District

Dame Eadith Walker Estate (Yaralla) Open Day

Sunday, 30th April, 2023

10:00am – 1:30pm

Open Days 2023

Dame Eadith Walker Estate (Yaralla)
Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (Rivendell)

2023 dates to be confirmed

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Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. One of our current displays showcases…
  • To foster interest in and inform the community of the heritage – historically and culturally – of the City of Canada Bay LGA.
  • To promote the preservation, restoration, conservation, maintenance and use of all places, buildings, monuments, etc., of historic, architectural, cultural and environmental significance within the area.
  • To acquire and preserve for the Society, books, manuscripts, newspapers, photographs, oral histories, etc., as may be considered to have a bearing on the history of the area.
  • To establish and conduct a social history museum.
  • To foster interchange of information among members of the Society and any other interested people, by talks, readings, discussions, exhibitions of heritage, historical and archival material, and excursions.
  • To affiliate and co-operate with other Societies and Institutions having objects similar to those of this Society
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Map of Suburbs City of Canada Bay

Open Days are subject to Covid restrictions and may be cancelled.

Tours of the Yaralla Estate (Dame Eadith Walker Convalescent Hospital) are usually held on the last Sunday in April and October.

Tours of “Rivendell” (The Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital) are usually held on the last Sunday in July.

Link to more information on Open Days at Yaralla and Rivendell

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April Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker for April is Tom Sweeney from the Willoughby Theatre Company and his subject will be “Let’s Put on a Show”. His talk is a “behind the scenes” look at how a musical actually goes from an idea through to Opening Night. He will take you through the various stages – from choosing…

In Our Museum

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. One of our current displays showcases the work of local resident, Robert Yarroll. One of Robert’s hobbies is the manufacturing of clock housings, using repurposed natural timbers which he sources from old furniture and other wooden items discarded by local residents during Council clean-up days. Robert is very aware that, no…

From Our Collection

SHOE TREES are foot-shaped blocks inserted into a shoe when it’s not being worn to help keep the shoe in shape and stop it from developing creases, therefore extending the life of the shoe. Perhaps more important than maintaining the shape, shoe trees also play a crucial part in wicking away moisture caused by sweat –…

Sir John Monash – Citizen Soldier

In October 1918 the Australian Army Corps in France broke the supposedly impregnable Hindenburg Line, carrying the neighbouring armies eastward with it in the last great counteroffensive of the war. In the preceding seven months it had taken 29,144 German prisoners and 338 guns, and had recaptured 116 towns and villages. For the first time…

Joseph Conrad’s Eastern Voyages

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) is perhaps the most famous example of a multicultural writer in the history of British literature. His novels have been translated, serialised, made into movies, and taught at numerous schools and universities throughout the English-speaking world and beyond. His multicultural credentials are impressive: he was born Józef Teodor in Berdychev, Ukraine, then…

Homebush Plane Crash, 1949

On 23 October 1949, a 21-year-old pilot ran into trouble over Homebush when the engine of his Tiger Moth cut out. On a training flight from Bankstown Aerodrome, with the Truscott Flying Club, William Fraser searched desperately for a place to land. From 1,500 feet he spotted the recreation grounds of the Arnott’s biscuit factory…

The Original Palace Hotel, Mortlake

Most residents of Mortlake-Cabarita and Breakfast Point know the Palace Hotel in Tennyson Road. Opened in 1926, the Palace has been synonymous with the changing character and fortunes of the district. Some residents might also be aware of an earlier Palace Hotel – the only reminder of which is Palace Lane, a pedestrian thoroughfare between…