Alison Gardener Brooks Remembers At age 18, in 1976, I started training as a registered nurse at Concord in 1976.
pen sketch
I remember when the loo was a dunny, And the pan man came at night; It wasn’t the least bit
Starched circular petticoats which stood up by themselves after being ironedListening to the "Argonauts" and "Yes What" on the wirelessTaking
For me, school life began at the start of 1941 – I can still remember my first day at Mortlake
Early Post Office
My mother and father and their three sons arrived from Scotland in 1885 and came by ferry to Bayview Wharf Road,
I was very interested in Mr. Stanton’s article on old Concord. I would like to add to it. I have
Kit Johnston (c1978) I came to Concord 63 years ago and have seen many changes. Our road, Alexandra Street, was
Private John Bray and his wife Mary reached Sydney in June 1790 on board the Neptune with the first detachment
Ashtons baths
My father, Samuel Ashton, owned the Public Baths at Mortlake. As a matter of fact, he built the baths himself,
A recollection of old Concord by the late Mr. H. Stanton (Mayor of Concord 1951-52) as published in the “Concord
Ashtons baths
“Now I Confess”, says Frances, 90. It took a tomboy to talk the young ladies of Enfield, Mortlake and Concord