The general running of the Society is overseen by the Executive Committee, elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. These meetings are open to all members and other interested persons. All meetings are held in the City of Canada Bay Museum on dates and times as listed below. General meetings are held as and when needed.

Annual General Meeting – first Saturday in September at 12 noon

Executive Meetings – first Saturday of the month (with the exception of January) at 12 noon.

Museum Committee meetings – third Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am. This committee has care of the Archives and Oral History sections of the museum as well. Members are involved in planning and mounting special and general displays, cataloguing our archives, interviewing people for our oral histories and general accessioning of donations as well as other work involved in museum management. They also serve as guides on the days the museum is open. These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in preserving the history of the area.

Walker Estates Committee – meets on an irregular basis, when and as needed. Details can be found in our monthly newsletter. This committee is involved in the planning and organising of our Open Days.

Check our front page for information on dates and times for our upcoming events and guest speakers.