Yaralla Cottages
Yaralla Cottages

This first pair of semi-detached cottages was built by Thomas Walker in 1885 on Concord Road, at the western edge of the Walker estate. This was probably at the behest of his daughter Eadith.

The original pair were designed by John Sulman. The name “Yaralla Cottages” and the date appear above one of these. They were also known as the “Penny-a-Week Houses”.

Thomas Walker obviously imbued his daughter with a belief in the responsibilities that accompanied privilege. These Yaralla Cottages were constructed to serve as a home for her governesses and aged female servants upon their retirement

Another two pairs, again designed by John Sulman, were added to the site in 1889 and three more cottages were later added in Waratah Street in 1959.

During her lifetime Eadith Walker maintained the Yaralla Cottages and gave an allowance to each occupant.