Concord's First Post Office


Longbottom (later Concord) Post Office was introduced in 1851, the first suburban post office. This was operated by a Mr. Peter McGrath in his shop on Parramatta Road, opposite Concord Road and next to the lock-up.

The next Post Office, Beaconsfield, was opened in 1882 in Wharf Road (now Burwood Road) near Wallace Street, in a shop run by a Mrs. Eliza Warren. It was closed in 1885 when Mrs. Warren resigned.

Mortlake Post Office
Mortlake Post Office

In 1885, at Concord Council’s request the office was transferred to Mr. Broadhurst on the Parramatta Road, next door to Finch the Baker, and the name was changed to Concord. However, this was closed in 1886 due to lack of use.

Due to the development of the Australian Gaslight Company at Mortlake, and the great increase of population around the area, a non-official Post Office (Mortlake) was opened in 1887 in a shop at the corner of Burwood Road (now Tennyson Road) and Macdonald Street. Robert Stirrat was appointed Postmaster.

In 1900 it was temporarily removed to premises nearer the river but returned to the original site in 1906, remaining there until the 1930s when it was moved to new premises adjacent to the original store. It finally closed in 1977.

In 1890 residents urged the establishment of an office in a central position.

Services for Concord residents were provided then by the letter carrier from Burwood delivering once daily and the non-official post office at Mortlake.

The Council offered to partition a section of the Council Chambers, then situated in Wharf Road (now Burwood Road), Concord on the corner of Burton Street. It was opened in 1890, with official status.

In 1895 it moved to rented premises nearby, where a telephone was installed for sending and receiving telegrams.

1990 Post Office
1990 Post Office

In 1898 it was decided to erect a Government building at Concord for the Post & Telegraph Office. The new building was erected in 1899 on land adjoining the Concord Town Hall and business commenced on 30th January, 1900. However it was gradually downgraded and finally closed in 1927.

The official Concord Post Office was removed to a shop at 6 Burwood Road and in 1937 the name was changed to Concord East.

Central Concord Post Office
Central Concord Post Office

In 1975 the office moved to premises 100 yards south along Burwood Road, crossing the boundary between Concord and Burwood, and was then renamed Burwood North.

An Allowance Post Office opened at Central Concord in 1921. This was made an Official Post Office in 1927 when the old Concord Post Office in Burwood Road closed.

In 1930 a new brick building, Central Concord Post Office, was erected in Majors Bay Road, Concord and became the official Post Office in the area.

In 1937 the name was changed to Concord Post Office.

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