WWI Soldiers at Leura
WWI Soldiers at Leura

(Dame) Eadith Walker set up “The Camp” on her Concord estate, Yaralla, to care for WWI soldiers who were suffering from tuberculosis.  She also loaned her home, “Shuna”, at Leura to the Red Cross for the same purposes.

We recently received a wonderful collection of family photographs from a Norman J. Aitken showing people at both these locations.

Unfortunately we don’t know how to contact this gentleman to try to get information about the people photographed.

Can anyone help, please?


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Elke Stronach

This is my great grandfather Norman Joseph Aitken. He was injured at Gallipoli and recuperated for a time at Yaralla. This photo, the small photo of WW1 soldiers and numerous other photos he took at Yaralla were on a USB I donated to the museum on behalf of my family.