The discovery of gold in Australia in the 1850s led to the opening up of the country as settlement expanded
September 1948: It’s 75 years since Australia’s first HOLDEN motor car rolled off the assembly line. It cost £675 plus
Glove Stretchers Gloves have been used since prehistory and they have been worn for warmth, protection, a badge of distinction
Frank Jones’ downfall came when he accidentally set alight to a shed at Concord Quarry and was badly injured. While
Captain James Cook was a skilled sailor who had explored more of the world's oceans than anyone before him. But
This area has an extensive history well beyond the Longbottom Stockade that was established there. Although there is nothing of
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our beloved member, Hazel King, on 31st August.  She
At about 9:30 pm on Saturday, 27th July 1935, there was a loud explosion coming from the vicinity of the
An Inspired Life Although now largely forgotten, George Cummins lived a remarkable life, inspiring all who knew him by his
In April 2023, unbeknown to us, author Vanessa Berry visited our museum and left this comment on our website. With
A Naval Jacket (c late 19th Century) A dark navy blue wool serge, double-breasted naval "under dress" uniform with gold
Richard de Grijs"All Hands to Dance and Skylark"(Captain Cook and Health at Sea)City of Canada Bay Museum - Saturday, 4th
Ian Burnett"Joseph Conrad's Eastern Voyages"City of Canada Bay Museum - Saturday, 7th October at 2:00 pm Unfortunately, this speaker has
"They" say we have no history, but "they" don't understand. We know it's steeped in history, it's a proud and
Arthur Bolger's Refreshment Salon, Great North Road, Abbotsford c1910. Canada Bay Local Studies Collection
Abbotsford was known as Bigi Bigi by the Wangal, the traditional owners of much of the land along the southern
We were recently contacted by Christine, who now resided in Western Australia.  She has a solid wooden chair that originally
Prior to settlement. the area now known as the City of Canada Bay was occupied by the Wann-gal clan (also
On Saturday, 1st July, 2023 Lois and I attended the 65th Annual Changeover Dinner of the Rotary Club of Concord,
In the early days of colonial Australia, rum was a popular drink among the settlers. The British government had established
The Beginning of the Motor Industry in Australia It is very fitting that my Grandfather, Arthur Edwin Wood begins this