SHOE TREES are foot-shaped blocks inserted into a shoe when it's not being worn to help keep the shoe in shape
In October 1918 the Australian Army Corps in France broke the supposedly impregnable Hindenburg Line, carrying the neighbouring armies eastward
Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) is perhaps the most famous example of a multicultural writer in the history of British literature. His
On 23 October 1949, a 21-year-old pilot ran into trouble over Homebush when the engine of his Tiger Moth cut
Most residents of Mortlake-Cabarita and Breakfast Point know the Palace Hotel in Tennyson Road. Opened in 1926, the Palace has
The ‘world’s fastest man on water”, Ken Warby (83), died this month four decades after establishing his record-breaking speed of
Arthur William Sutton was an important part of Five Dock history. He was a successful businessman and, in 1871, was
Tom Sweeney has been a driving force in the voluntary community on Sydney's North Shore for over 40 years. His
As we farewell the Year of the Tiger, millions of people around the world are preparing to celebrate the Year
Gale Street, Mortlake Gale Street is a busy thoroughfare between Tennyson Road and the junction of Mortlake Street and Brays
Wax Match Holders A match holder, a vesta case, or simply a “vesta” is a small box made to house wax,
The 26 January, through 200 years or more of debate and controversy, has remained the traditional Australian celebratory day since
Parramatta Female Factory original building
All female convicts who arrived in New South Wales in the 1820s and '30s without a husband or job faced
Happy New Year to all
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife
Doyle's adventures in the Antipodes Arthur Conan Doyle had trained and practised as a doctor until the success of his
Ice Making Machine
Before Scottish expatriate James Harrison, then a member of the Victoria Legislative Council and owner of the Geelong Advertiser newspaper,
Residence of Eugene Nicolle, Burwood, c1870-78
After the 1848 revolution, Eugène Dominique Nicolle (1823 - 1909) came to Australia to pursue his career as an engineer.
Tobacco Cutter A tobacco or plug cutter was a tabletop machine that resembled a small paper cutter, where a metal
The Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) was formed in 1903 by amalgamating the nursing services of the colonial-era militaries. It
Bungaree, or Boongaree (1775 – 24 November 1830), was an Aboriginal Australian from the Kuringgai people of the Broken Bay