March Event – An Afternoon of Nostalgia

Instead of a guest speaker at our museum on Saturday, 7th April at 2:00 pm. we will be entertained by the Bell Bird Bush Band.  Come along and join us for a sing-along afternoon of old bush ballads, to be followed by light refreshments.   This is our c … Continue reading “March Event – An Afternoon of Nostalgia”

“Banjo” Paterson

In 1885, Paterson began submitting and having his poetry published in the Sydney edition of The Bulletin under the pseudonym of “The Banjo”, the name of a favourite horse. In 1890, as “The Banjo” he wrote “The Man from Snowy River”, a poem which caught … Continue reading ““Banjo” Paterson”

Sydney’s Last Trams

Fifty-seven years ago, on the 25 February 1961, Sydney’s last electric trams operated on the La Perouse and Maroubra Beach lines. The last day of trams is a great date to remember for trivia nights. This wonderful image taken by D.R. Keenan shows an R1 … Continue reading “Sydney’s Last Trams”

Inside History Magazine

Recently we received an almost complete set of the magazine “Inside History”. Unfortunately, eight of the issues were missing – Issues Nos. 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 12, 18 and 34. If any of our readers have one of these they no longer want, we would be most hap … Continue reading “Inside History Magazine”

Back in the Day (5) . . . Everyday life and how it was lived a hundred years ago.

Public Transport:  These days, we hop on a train, or a bus…we don’t think much of it. But public transport was very different back in the eras when our grandparents and great-grandparents were alive. In the early 1900s, buses as we know them today did … Continue reading “Back in the Day (5) . . . Everyday life and how it was lived a hundred years ago.”

Three Women & the Sea

Hannah Snell Englishwoman Hannah Snell, who could neither read nor write, joined the army in 1745 under the name of James Gray. Later she joined the navy as a cook’s assistant and then became a common seaman, spending a total of nine years at sea. She … Continue reading “Three Women & the Sea”