September Guest Speaker

Just a reminder that Rob Shipton will  be the speaker at our museum on Saturday, 7th October at 1:30 for 2:00 pm sharp.  His subject:  “History of Clocks”.   These talks are open to everyone.   Admission is free but donations are always welcome.

Museum Without a Home

In November 1827 Governor Darling received a letter from Lord Bathurst, Secretary of state for the Colonies, authorising the expenditure £200 a year on founding and maintaining a museum for “the many rare and curious specimens of Natural history” that … Continue reading “Museum Without a Home”

Who are we?

We recently received a donation of this set of framed photographs of several boats which carried the inscription:  Presented to P. Edwards, Esq., by the boys of the Concord Dinghi Club. We have been unable to find any information of this club or of the … Continue reading “Who are we?”


Sydney is made up of many fascinating suburbs and areas, many of which are such a normal part of Sydneysiders lives that they spare little thought for the history of these areas, let alone for the names they go by.  Today most are simply residential su … Continue reading “Mortlake”

Tulloch’s Phoenix Iron Works Ltd

Following the death of Alfred Llewellyn Bray, the first Mayor of Concord, his home “Braygrove” was purchased by R. Tulloch & Company and in 1915 the Iron Works transferred from its original site at Pyrmont to Rhodes. Braygrove “Braygrove” was incor … Continue reading “Tulloch’s Phoenix Iron Works Ltd”

Higinbotham & Robinson, Map Publishers

The Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney is a series of late-nineteenth-century commercial maps that provides a portrait of the city during a period of rapid growth and suburbanisation. It was created by Higinbotham, Robinson and Harrison, map publishers and … Continue reading “Higinbotham & Robinson, Map Publishers”

Getting Married

Jack, age 87, and Jill, age 79, are excited about their decision to get married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding and on the way they pass a chemist shop and Jack suggests they go in. Jack addresses the man behind the counter: “We’re about t … Continue reading “Getting Married”

The Parramatta Road

We’d like to share with you a couple of items from David Sansome’s talk at our map unveiling. The photograph, circa 1900, is of Parramatta Road, Five Dock.   The 8-mile signpost can be seen on the left of the pole.   As one of our guests informed us, i … Continue reading “The Parramatta Road”

A Step Back in Time

On Saturday, 2nd September Helen McCaffrey, Mayor of City of Canada Bay, unveiled our recently renovated 1890 Higginbotham & Robinson Map of Concord. This had been renovated and framed by our Museum Advisor and great friend, Karen Coote, thanks to … Continue reading “A Step Back in Time”