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An Old Inn at the Sign of the “Red Cow”

In 1825, one James Bibb, an enterprising spirit built a hostelry in a clearing by the stately gumtrees at Abbotsford Point on the Parramatta River, and soon the “Red Cow Inn” ministered to needy travellers by the Great North Road. These travellers, who … Continue reading “An Old Inn at the Sign of the “Red Cow””

Grants & Volunteers

Thanks to Museums & Galleries NSW we have received a grant to allow us to purchase some new mannequins to enable us to display more of our wonderful clothing collection, and also to have special boxes made to house some of our bulkier objects to pr … Continue reading “Grants & Volunteers”

West Harbour Rugby Football Club

The first rugby club to represent the district was Burwood, which competed in the Sydney Metropolitan Competition until the introduction of district rugby.  The club was formed in 1900 but had to change its name to Western Suburbs District Rugby Union … Continue reading “West Harbour Rugby Football Club”

Who Named the Pig & Whistle?

Way back in the early days of our society we were researching some of the old buildings in the area. One which aroused our curiosity was the ancient hotel, the “Pig & Whistle”, which was being demolished for road widening purposes at 27 Bertram Str … Continue reading “Who Named the Pig & Whistle?”

Shipwrecks of Homebush Bay

While browsing the internet recently, researching our August speaker, I came across an article by Cleo Braithwaite, who said:  There is a floating forest growing out of a shipwreck in Homebush Bay.  That was what the internet told me the other day.  I … Continue reading “Shipwrecks of Homebush Bay”

Shipwrecks of Homebush Bay: How to get there

From Bennelong Parkway From Homebush Bay Drive, turning into Australia Avenue, passing Bicentennial Park main entrance, turn right at Bennelong Parkway, follow the signs to the Archery Centre, veering right and over a little road bridge, parking is on … Continue reading “Shipwrecks of Homebush Bay: How to get there”

June Guest Speaker

Just a reminder that Sue Castrique will be the speaker at our museum on Saturday, 3rd June at 2:00 pm sharp.  She will tell us about Charles Ormsby, Superintendent at Cockatoo Island.   For more information see “Guest Speakers”. These talks are open to … Continue reading “June Guest Speaker”

July Guest Speaker

Remember when grandma used to keep all her family photographs in a box by the front door so that if there was a house fire she could save them?  The cat could fend for itself but, in the days before digital cameras and hard drives, if you lost a photog … Continue reading “July Guest Speaker”

Call for Volunteers

The City of Canada Bay Museum is looking for volunteers to assist in a variety of tasks. In particular the museum is focusing on collection management projects, auditing its collection, photographing objects, updating computer records and reorganising … Continue reading “Call for Volunteers”

Don’t Lose Your Memories

How many of us have fond memories of sitting on the lap of a parent, auntie, or grandparent, listening carefully and closely not to miss a word of their experiences, memories, and life stories? We didn’t know it then, but they told us their stories for … Continue reading “Don’t Lose Your Memories”