Fox Shot – Concord Raid

A fox was shot at Concord this morning. It had a weather-worn collar around its neck and apparently had once been a pet.  For several weeks Mr. J.B. Purcell of Cabarita Road and other residents of Concord have been worried by raids on their poultry.  Chickens and at least a dozen valuable hens have disappeared.

For several nights Purcell kept a watch on his fowl yard.  About 3 am today he was waiting with Mr. Shepherd of Condobolin when the fowls gave the alarm and Mr. Shepherd was able to shoot the marauding fox.

The Sun (Sydney) - Sat 18 Nov 1933.

Whirlwind at Concord – Farms Menaced by Bush Fires

SYDNEY. Friday. Portion of a shed was lifted into the air and wrecked, and fences and other property damaged when a whirlwind swept across the Concord district this afternoon. The verandah of the shed, which was on Smith Bros. Dairy property (Flavelle Street) was lifted about 50 feet into the air before it crashed to the ground. Farming properties in adjoining districts were menaced by bush fires during the afternoon, but volunteer fire fighters averted damage.

The Age (Melb) Sat 12 Oct 1935


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