My Country

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Dorothea Mackelllar

This cherished timeless poem speaks to the core of the Australian heart with its line “I love a sunburnt country”. The love of field and coppice, of green and shaded…

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John Cade, AO

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John Cade, AO

Dr John Cade was educated at Scotch College and the University of Melbourne, graduating with honours in Medicine in 1934. The son of a physician who worked as a superintendant…

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Can You Help?

One of our members, John Byrnes, who is also a member of the newly formed Strathfield Homebush Historical Society, would like to hear from anyone interested in researching any aspect…

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The Ryde Bridges

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Meadowbank Rail Bridge and the Vehicular Ferry

Fourteen miles up the harbour from the ocean entrance at Sydney stand two bridges that are the access route over the Parramatta River from Concord to Ryde.  One, a railway…

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