We all have some possessions, collected through the years;
Some bring happy memories, others bring the tears.
Not many from our childhood, we didn’t bother then,
We were far too busy learning and counting up to ten.

When maturity came through we started to collect.
Some we threw away later, the special ones we kept.
And as the years went speeding by, we were loath to part with any,
So by the time we reached old age, in our collection there were many

Knick knacks from the seaside, gifts from far and wide.
Birthdays, Christmas, holidays, we looked at them with pride.
Every spring we’d get them out determined some would go,
But memories kept flooding back as we sorted them, you know.

We couldn’t bring ourselves to do it, our resolution was all gone.
How many did we throw away? I’m afraid the answer’s NONE!


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