Christmas Get-Together

Our hard-working Museum Committee invites all members and friends to join us at the Museum on Saturday, 2nd December at 2:00 pm to celebrate the end of another very successful year.  If you would like to contribute a small plate of food towards the lig … Continue reading “Christmas Get-Together”

It Happened in Concord

Fox Shot – Concord Raid A fox was shot at Concord this morning. It had a weather-worn collar around its neck and apparently had once been a pet.  For several weeks Mr. J.B. Purcell of Cabarita Road and other residents of Concord have been worried by ra … Continue reading “It Happened in Concord”

A Brief History of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus although there is no evidence he was born on that day. It was declared his birthday in 440 AD. In England Christmas was originally called Yule. The old Saxon word Yule meant mid-winter. However when the … Continue reading “A Brief History of Christmas”

Rivendell Loss

On the evening of 21st March, 2017, one of the oldest and tallest trees at Rivendell was struck by lightning – much to the fright of the staff and students who were still on the grounds. This tree, on the waterfront, was one of a pair of Marker Trees w … Continue reading “Rivendell Loss”

Trial Marriages for a Year and a Day

Prior to the Reformation in the sixteenth century, when Scotland was a Catholic country rather than a Protestant one, trial marriages were very common. At annual fairs the unmarried of both sexes would choose a companion with whom to live a year and a … Continue reading “Trial Marriages for a Year and a Day”

Back in the Day (1) . . . Everyday Life and How it was Lived a Hundred Years Ago

Here’s an idyllic, family scene, isn’t it? A little boy or a little girl crawling into his or her’s grandparents laps, cuddling them while the old folks whisper sweet things into their ears and tickle them and give them cuddles……eventually, that little … Continue reading “Back in the Day (1) . . . Everyday Life and How it was Lived a Hundred Years Ago”

Australia’s Emu War

Australia cannot lay claim to any great empires or epic conquests, but we do have one distinction that no other nation on Earth can boast: we are the only country in history to lose a war to birds. In 1932 the farmers of Western Australia, fed up with … Continue reading “Australia’s Emu War”

Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift, 1914

These decorative brass tins were sent by Princess Mary to members of the British, Colonial and Indian Armed Forces for Christmas 1914. Over 426,000 of them were distributed to those serving on Christmas Day 1914. The tins were filled with various items … Continue reading “Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift, 1914”