Mending the Mind (a synopsis)

When this book was originally published in 1979, mental illness was a closed book to the general public. It is not surprising that in the climate of widespread ignorance, mental…

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The Spare Paddock

“Whatever happened to the spare paddock?” asked William Olson in his nostalgic essay in the Sydney Morning Herald 1st August 1970.  “It has gone, suddenly. Buried under Progress. . .…

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Who Remembers Wattle Day?

The first day of spring is the little-known but uniquely Australian celebration – National Wattle Day. Wattles have always been part of our country’s landscape and the lives of its people. For…

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Frank Hurley, Photographer and Adventurer

Frank Hurley, Photographer and Adventurer
Frank Hurley in South Georgia, Antarctica

He was an Australian photographer and adventurer.  He is best remembered for his graphic photographs taken when he participated in a number of expeditions to Antarctica and served as an official photographer…

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