The Long-gone Industries of Concord (Pt.4)

The Long-gone Industries of Concord (Pt.4)
Dulux Site 1980

Industries of Mortlake-Cabarita (continued) Dulux Australia Limited The other major industrial complex in Mortlake - Cabarita was Dulux Australia Limited which began operating in Concord in 1921 as British Australian…

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Soft Lights, Early Nights

Soft Lights, Early Nights
Vintage Kerosene Lamps

In the period 1880 to 1900 the full potential of the three basic energy systems for domestic lighting was finally realised. Oddly, an efficient method for using gas and oil…

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Can You Help?

One of our members, John Byrnes, who is also a member of the newly formed Strathfield Homebush Historical Society, would like to hear from anyone interested in researching any aspect…

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Care and Compassion

Care and Compassion
Dame Eadith Walker

During WWI approximately 160,000 Australians had been wounded, some of them permanently incapacitated.  They would need to be restored to health and those unable to resume their former occupations needed…

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Prince of Wales Hospital

The hospital began life as an asylum for destitute children In 1920 the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII, was visiting Australia. On his itinerary was a hospital in…

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