The Long-gone Industries of Concord

The Long-gone Industries of Concord
AGL Aerial View

Introduction:  This is the beginning of an article prepared by the City of Canada Bay Heritage Society to record the changing of what was once a workingman's suburb with an…

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Sydney’s General Post Office

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The first Postal Act had been passed in November 1825, empowering the NSW Governor to establish a GPO in Sydney and other places. There had been a Post Office building…

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The Armistice and Beyond

The Armistice and Beyond
Celebrating the Armistice

The armistice of 11 November 1918 was celebrated in Concord with fervour. Citizens immediately formed tin-can bands and took to the street and within twelve hours of the news of…

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Jane Steel Walker, nee Hart (1832-1870)

Jane Steel Walker, nee Hart (1832-1870)
Jane Walker

There is little accurate information available on Jane Walker, the wife of businessman and philanthropist Thomas Walker of Yaralla.   Our understanding of who Jane was is hampered by a lack of…

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Australia in the 60s

There’s a familiar saying among Australian baby boomers that if you can remember the 1960s then you weren’t really there. It was certainly a socially turbulent decade with the spread…

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