Happy New Year

To all our members and friends who subscribe to our newsletter, we’d like to thank you for your support during the year and hope you have enjoyed our articles on local history and other historical trivia. If you would like to contribute to Nurungi, whe … Continue reading “Happy New Year”

Family Histories

We are seeking information on a George Smith who worked on the trams, first as a driver and ultimately as a ticket inspector. Although he lived in Croydon, it is believed he was born in Concord and three of his sisters and some of their children did li … Continue reading “Family Histories”

Back in the Day (2) . . . Everyday Life and How it Was Lived a Hundred Years ago.

Preserving Food:  Have you ever heard your grandparents call a refrigerator an ‘icebox’? Have you ever wondered what an ‘icebox’ was? How did people keep food fresh back in the old days without modern preservatives and refrigerators and all that fancy … Continue reading “Back in the Day (2) . . . Everyday Life and How it Was Lived a Hundred Years ago.”

The 5th Regiment (Scottish Rifles) Camp at Concord West

On Tuesday, 17th April, 1900, the Daily Telegraph published the following article: Through the courtesy of the trustees of the Walker Estate, the 5th Regiment (Scottish Rifles) camped for the principal part of their Easter training at Rhodes. The posit … Continue reading “The 5th Regiment (Scottish Rifles) Camp at Concord West”

The Scottish Rifles – Early Beginnings

The first NSW Military Unit with a Scottish Association was The Duke of Edinburgh’s Highlanders formed in 1868. The Unit wore a kilt of Black Watch tartan and became known as the Highland Brigade before it was disbanded in 1878, following a decline in … Continue reading “The Scottish Rifles – Early Beginnings”

My mother used to say . . .

If you cut too many corners you’ll just keep going around in circles Your problems are only as big as you make them The trouble with living alone is that it is always your turn to do the dishes. The problem with trouble is it always starts out as fun. … Continue reading “My mother used to say . . .”

The Australian Theatre to 1910

Australian theatre has a long and distinguished history. It is a history which was influenced by both the United States and Britain. British born entrepreneurs were the fathers of Australian theatre. Despite the shadow of the two great powers, Australi … Continue reading “The Australian Theatre to 1910”