September: Map Unveiling and Guest Speaker

Just a reminder that on Saturday, 2nd September at 2:00 pm in our museum Mayor Helen McCaffrey will be unveiling our recently restored 1890 Higginbotham & Robinson map of Concord and our speaker, David Sansome, Local Studies Librarian, will be tell … Continue reading “September: Map Unveiling and Guest Speaker”

Jack Fisher Looks Back

Catering for the swimming fraternity in the days before Environmental Impact Statements were invented wasn’t a difficult matter if the enterpreneurial activities of the Fisher family at Five Dock Bay are any indication. The fabulous story of Five Dock … Continue reading “Jack Fisher Looks Back”

Frederick Cavill and his Amazing Baths

Cavill migrated to Australia, reaching Melbourne with his family in February 1879.  He soon moved to Sydney and set up as a ‘professor of swimming’ at his Lavender Bay Baths.  In 1884 he published a pamphlet How to Learn to Swim which outlined his theo … Continue reading “Frederick Cavill and his Amazing Baths”

The White Cross at Mount York

For many years one of the Blue Mountains’ most distinctive landmarks was a large white cross on the cliff-edge at Mount York which could be glimpsed from the highway between Little Hartley and Victoria Pass. Although now removed, the cross has been a c … Continue reading “The White Cross at Mount York”

Story of a maid at Yaralla 1908

At 16 I left home in Balgownie to live with my grandmother in Darlinghurst so I could get a job. I had developed into a fine young woman, the change having done me good and plenty of good food and rest. With my honest face and good looks I had no troub … Continue reading “Story of a maid at Yaralla 1908”

We need your help!

Found in our collection was this stunning outfit.   Unfortunately we don’t know anything about it. The only clue we have is an attached piece of paper saying it was an ‘Italian Judge’s Cloak, WWII’.   Can you help? Special thanks to our wonderful model … Continue reading “We need your help!”

Homebush Bay Shipwrecks

If you didn’t attend our August event you missed a great day.  Betty Candy’s talk was a great success bringing over 60 guests to hear her. It’s amazing how many people didn’t know about this part of our history. Don’t miss out on future talks.

Some Interesting facts about clocks

With the invention of the pendulum clock in 1656, Christiaan Huygens increased the best accuracy of clocks from 15 minutes deviation a day to around 15 seconds a day An Institute in Colorado created a clock so accurate it won’t lose/gain a second in 20 … Continue reading “Some Interesting facts about clocks”