Nurungi Has Changed!

Nurungi is dead!  Long live Nurungi! In line with modern technology the format of our newsletter has now changed. From now on we will be posting articles, news items, photographs, etc. to our web site and at the end of each month you will receive a not … Continue reading “Nurungi Has Changed!”

Lavender Bay

Many of us have heard of this bay, and seen it as we pass over the Harbour Bridge. The name Lavender Bay conjures up mental visions of a sweet-smelling flower; however, the naming of this bay was far from sweetness. In the later part of the 1780s a Roy … Continue reading “Lavender Bay”


A lovely evening at Rivendell. One of our valued members, Virginia Walker, attended the recent Opera at Rivendell (Thomas Walker Hospital) and was lucky enough to win the first prize. A jeroboam of Semillon containing a diamond. There was also a specia … Continue reading “Congratulations”

Merry Christmas

Seasons’ Greetings to all our members and readers. May you have a very Merry Christmas filled with love and happiness. Our Museum will close at 4:00 pm on Saturday 17th December and will re-open with new displays on Saturday, 14th January. Please come … Continue reading “Merry Christmas”

Beer & Water

THE Sydney Sun reports . . . . . . that the city council has placed a bubbling water fountain outside the main entrance to a large local brewery. Drinking fountain at the tram waiting sheds outside Sydney Railway Square (Central) 1930s. Photo: City of … Continue reading “Beer & Water”

Bloomers and Bicycles

What do bloomers and bicycles have in common? While today’s models parade the catwalk in panties and other underwear, this would have been unthinkable in the 1800s. So too would the wearing of panties themselves. Today’s panties originated from the var … Continue reading “Bloomers and Bicycles”

Mortlake & Breakfast Point

Captain John Hunter led the first British exploration of the Parramatta River in February 1788. On the 5th February, while having breakfast he made the first contact with local Aboriginals of the Wangal Clan. The location is referred to as Breakfast Po … Continue reading “Mortlake & Breakfast Point”

The Walker Crest/Motto

On our open days we are often asked what is the meaning of the latin on  the Walker crest – “Per Varios Casus”. An approximate translation would be “Through diverse (or various) opportunities”, which would appear to be an indication of how his wealth w … Continue reading “The Walker Crest/Motto”