Captain John Hunter led the first British exploration of the Parramatta River in February 1788. On the 5th February, while having breakfast he made the first contact with local Aboriginals of the Wangal Clan. The location is referred to as Breakfast Point on the survey map of 1799. The Wangal called the area Booridiow-o-gule. The adjacent point was variously known as Bachelors Point, Pleasant Point and Green Point but eventually became known as Mortlake Point, named after a town along the Thames River in Britain.

Mortlake was long dominated by the significant AGL (Australian Gas Light Co.) industrial site which was developed from 1884 to produce gas for domestic and industrial use in Sydney.

The 32 hectare site includes several buildings of historical interest from an industrial perspective.

Today the land is being rehabilitated and developed as a residential area known as Breakfast Point.


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