Thank you

Museums are a very important asset for any local government area. They hold the keys to the past as well as looking towards the future. For the most part they are run by a dedicated band of volunteers who ask nothing but the chance to keep our past for … Continue reading “Thank you”

A Pleasant Way to Pass Time

Without television, and before the days of wireless, family games were high on the list of favourite pastimes. Classics such as draughts, ludo, chess, snakes and ladders, checkers, dominoes and lotto occupied many a rainy day and lamplit evening. Cards … Continue reading “A Pleasant Way to Pass Time”

Esther Abrahams: From Convict to ‘First Lady’

Her Newgate Prison jailors never imagined how far Esther Abrahams would travel.  In 1786 London, pregnant prisoners like this young Jewish woman often died before or soon after giving birth.  Yet fifteen year-old Esther and her infant daughter Roseanna … Continue reading “Esther Abrahams: From Convict to ‘First Lady’”

Back in the Day (6) . . . Everyday Life and How it Was Lived a Hundred Years ago.

Communications and Correspondence:  SMS, telephones, cellphones, email, Instant Messaging, Skype, Twitter and Facebook…these days we have so many dozens of ways to communicate. We seem to forget that not too long ago, none of this stuff existed, and th … Continue reading “Back in the Day (6) . . . Everyday Life and How it Was Lived a Hundred Years ago.”