Yaralla Spring Fair

Organised by the Yaralla Advisory Committee – Sunday, 11th September.  Last year’s event was a huge success with hundreds of locals stopping by for food, music, dancing, health information and mini-tours of the estate.  Come along – and bring your dog … Continue reading “Yaralla Spring Fair”

OUR NEXT DISPLAY – Neighbours.

We will be introducing you to our suburban neighbours within the City of Canada Bay.  A chance to learn a little more about this area we live in. As part of the display – a part of History Week – on 3rd September we will be showing a PowerPoint present … Continue reading “OUR NEXT DISPLAY – Neighbours.”

Council Community Grants 2016

Thanks to City of Canada Council for the second grant of $1,000 received to complete the restoration of the historic 1890 map of Concord we found in our archives. The map had suffered a bit of damage over its lifetime but thanks to Karen, our wonderful … Continue reading “Council Community Grants 2016”

Colonial Canadian Exiles

Colonel George Arthur, after 12 years a Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen’s Land, was appointed to a similar position in Upper Canada (now Ontario).  His first task on arrival, in early 1838, was to clean up the remnants of a rebellion against the Brit … Continue reading “Colonial Canadian Exiles”

A Great Big Thank You

A very big thank you to the Concord Men’s (Harry’s) Shed for building us this beautiful book case.   Doesn’t it look great.!  At last we can actually find any book we are looking for, and we’ve got plenty of space to house more books as we get them. Me … Continue reading “A Great Big Thank You”

Trove: A Valuable Resource

The site, “Trove”, is a free data base of resources, especially newspapers both local and national. including the earliest published Australian newspaper, the “Sydney Gazette” of 1803. There are over 700 digitised newspapers in the collection. It is a … Continue reading “Trove: A Valuable Resource”

Yaralla sale to Federal Government

There are many misconceptions about how the land to build the 113 AGH in Hospital Road was acquired.  Here is the true story. This cutting is from the Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga) 30th May, 1940, and was found while searching through “Trove” – a sear … Continue reading “Yaralla sale to Federal Government”

Bungalows, Poets and Small Pox

“The forgotten history of Five Dock and Canada Bay” It is hard to imagine Five Dock and the surrounding suburbs of the City of Canada Bay as anything but contemporary and cosmopolitan.  Beneath the shiny, renovated surfaces, café strips and bountiful n … Continue reading “Bungalows, Poets and Small Pox”

The “Last True Australian Explorer”

Len Beadell is regarded as the “last true Australian Explorer” for opening up over 2.5 million square kilometers of rugged Australian Outback. To assist Great Britain and allied European countries develop intercontinental ballistic missiles in the post … Continue reading “The “Last True Australian Explorer””

Happy Birthday to our Betty

On 6th June Betty Robertson will be celebrating her 90th birthday. Ninety is a milestone that may of us may never know. But, for Betty, it’s a time to celebrate her life and times; to commemorate her 90 years; to recognise her many works and deeds and … Continue reading “Happy Birthday to our Betty”