The Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) published the following article on Wednesday, 7th January, 1953.

Sydney-Early on Christmas morning an intruder entered the kitchen of the Dame Eadith Walker Hospital, Concord.

The intruder put into a hospital patients’ Christmas sack:  a dressed turkey, a dressed fowl, two dressed rabbits, a leg of mutton, thirty-two mutton chops, a cabbage, five blankets and two tea-towels.

Soon afterwards Constable Wilson of the Vice Squad saw the intruder, David Robert Hunter, carrying a large sack in Concord Road, and stopped him.

In Burwood Court, Mr McElroy, S.M. fined Hunter 25 pounds for having stolen the dinner.

Hunter [24], a motor driver of Campbell Street, Newtown, said he was drunk, and didn’t mean to steal.


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