What is Nabo

What is Nabo

Nabo is the private, local social network being used in more than 7,500 suburbs across Australia to help neighbours connect and get the best out of their local area.

Once you become a member you can ask other locals for help, share recommendations, spread the word about events or discuss important issues including public safety – all from the comfort of your own home and at a time that’s convenient for you.

There are many reasons to join Nabo:

  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Create a support network of locals who can keep an eye on your home or pet while you’re away
  • Sell, loan or give away household items you no longer need from a kids bike to a spare fridge
  • Recommend and discover the best local businesses such as cafes, cleaners and tradies
  • Exchange important information regarding crime in your area
  • Find a trustworthy babysitter to mind the kids
  • Meet people in your neighbourhood who also speak your language
  • Discover the best local park for your next party or event
  • Alert your local council to concerns you have regarding your suburb
  • Find out what’s happening with roadworks on your street
  • Organise an after-school event
  • Plan a street party or neighbourhood BBQ
  • Share sports field updates
  • Discuss local concerns and rally support for action
  • Get involved in local charities or help a neighbour out

Nabo is about inclusion, belonging and looking after the people closest to you

Our Society uses Nabo to let people know about our museum and our monthly speakers and we will also be appealing, through the site, for volunteers for our Society.    Why don’t you check it out for yourselves.

They recently posted a blog about our society and museum, you can check it out at https://www.nabo.com.au/memberblog/article/organisations-on-nabo-the-city-of-canada-bay-museum



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