While chatting recently about possible displays for our City of Canada Bay Museum, it was mentioned that there are many commemorative coins out there in circulation,  The question was asked – “Why haven’t we been collecting these?”  The only answer we could come up with was that we hadn’t thought of it.

I know we are coming into the game a little late but wonder whether, with the help of our members and supporters, we could start now.   All we ask is that you check your small change each evening and set aside any of the commemorative coins you have collected – they could be 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 dollar or 2 dollar.  We would be happy to buy these from you in an endeavour to build up our collection.

We are open every Wednesday or Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm if you are able to drop any in for us.

Just another thought.   If you are moving to another address, cleaning out a deceased estate or just having a general cleanout, please be mindful of what you drop into the trash box.  Many of the things you may think of as useless would, for many museums, be a treasure.  Pop into our museum some time to see some of the “rubbish” we have been gifted to complement our kitchen and laundry sections in particular.   Old bottles.  Old cardboard containers.  Old kitchen gadgets.  They are not rubbish in our eyes.


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