Following last month’s articles on Farleigh Nettheim, Peter Bryant has sent another snippet of Concord History.

One thing that I didn’t mention before is that the small factory producing Watsons Ink occupied the top of Finch Avenue on the corner with Burwood Road.  Charlie Watson was a well-known figure from my boyhood days in Concord.

The side of the factory had an enamelled sign reading:  “Watsons Inks – Australia’s Challenge to the World”.  A bit of hyperbole there, I think!

I recently noticed on eBay there is an ad for a bottle of Watsons Green Ink – probably one of very few left – and they wanted $30.

Green ink was commonly used by solicitors and other legal people.  Watsons Blue Ink was named “Pacifik Blu”.

Charlie Watson’s son Gordon became a renowned concert pianist in the UK, studying under Egon Petri and other notables in the world of concert music.  Later, when he returned to Sydney, he became head of the keyboard department of the NSW Conservatorium of Music.


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