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In 1963 Tulloch Ltd. designed and built the world’s first double deck railway trailer car. Four prototypes were produced at Tulloch’s engineering works at Rhodes. Later motor carriages were added to create the eight-car double deck trains so familiar to Sydney commuters.

Double decker trains were introduced to relieve the congestion caused by the rapid increase in Sydney’s population in the post-war period. While effective, they also became crowded as Sydney continued to expand.Reporters and cameramen get ready to "interview" the first double deck trailer car to come of the assemlby limne

An original engineer’s drawing of the design of the double-deck railway car was discovered among the papers of Concord Council recently archived by City of Canada Bay Museum. Tullochs manufactured a wide range of engineering goods including railway bridges, locomotives, rolling stock as well as wrought iron tubes and garden tools.

Today the site of the Tulloch’s works is vastly different with office tower blocks, high-rise apartments and a shopping mall.

Andrew West, Archives Chairman


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