Trove: A Valuable Resource

The site, “Trove”, is a free data base of resources, especially newspapers both local and national. including the earliest published Australian newspaper, the “Sydney Gazette” of 1803.

There are over 700 digitised newspapers in the collection.

It is a real treasure for genealogists or anyone wanting to find out about their ancestors.  But it is also a great source for gathering information about about people, places, events, etc. from the past.

We have accessed a lot of information about the Walkers and Yaralla through searches on this site, many of which have been published in Nurungi.

There have been recent announcements by the National Library, Canberra, of funding cuts to the online resource, “Trove”, in view of cuts to the Library’s general funding.  “Trove” is such an invaluable resource, accessible to all, that consideration should be given to funding it adequately.

Indeed, it should be funded to allow it to continue the expansion of its resources online.

If you feel this venture should continue to be funded, write to Hon. Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications & The Arts, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT, 2600.

(Ed:  One day, while searching the site I typed in my maiden name, not expecting to find anything.  Lo and behold up came a short article about an accident between a horse and buggy carrying my father, mother and myself (age 2) and a small lorry.  Luckily, it reported we were not injured.  You never know what you might find.)

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