The Value of One Member

Ten of our Museum members standing in a line,
One moved to Queensland, and then there were nine.
Nine ambitious members offered to work late,
One had other plans, and then there were eight.
Eight creative members had ideas fit for heaven,
One lost the urge, and then there were seven.
Seven loyal members got into a fix,
A disagreement over exhibitions, and then there were six.
Six faithful members remained with verve and drive,
One said, “Oh, what’s the use?”, and then there were five.
Five earnest members wished there were more,
One had a heart attack, and then there were four.
Four cheerful members, who never disagree,
But one complained of meetings, and then there were three.
Three eager members!  What do they do?
One became discouraged, and then there were two.
Two lonely members – our verse is nearly done,
One discovered a bridge club, and then there was ONE.
One steadfast member was feeling rather blue,
Then met with an old friend, and then there were two.
Two keen members, each obtained one more,
Doubling their numbers, and then there were four.
Four determined members just couldn’t wait,
Each enrolled another, and then there were eight.
Eight excited members signed up sixteen more.
In another six verses there with be a Thousand Twenty Four!

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