Young Street

Named in honour of Sir John Young, lst Baron Lisgar (1807-1876). A British Politician, he was appointed to become Governor of New South Wales in 1861, and in that capacity is reported as having been “a good Governor, wise and generous”. He departed Sydney in 1867, and the country town of “Lambing Flat” was re-named…

Tenterfield Street

Almost certainly named after the N.S.W. (country) town of that name, where Sir Henry Parkes delivered a speech in 1889, which gave impetus to the movement that eventually brought about the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Shipley Avenue

Named for John J. Shipley, who was elected an Alderman on the first Municipal Council (1883), and who served as Mayor in 1906 and 1907. His house was “Homesdale”, later absorbed into the Dulux site.

Nelson Road

Almost certainly named in honour of Lord Nelson. Horatio Nelson, lst Viscount (1758-1805), was a very famous British sailor, gaining many naval victories. His last victory was at The Battle of Trafalgar on the 2lst October 1805. He is buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England.

Mena Street

One of several streets named during WWI to remind the people of the War Effort. Mena was a village in Egypt where troops from Australia and England were able to prepare for the invasion of Gallipoli 1915.