Alas, they’ve come for Dr. SEUSS, they wish to hang him with a noose.
They claim his tales were racist bent, they judged him fast, missed what he meant.
But if we look inside his tales, we’ll find the balance of the scales.
Remember when Horton heard a Who, and we heard the wisdom of the Lorax too.
The lesson behind Green Eggs and Ham, that changed the mind of Sam I am.
Remember too the rotten Grinch, who once would never give an inch.
He taught us lessons, one and all, boys and girls, big and small.
So if you’ve judged his works as poor, you should re-read them, I implore.
The man we know as Dr. SEUSS, turned our imaginations loose.
His impact was beyond compare, he taught us it was good to care.
To accept the red, the blue, the green, and on each other we can lean.
So if you still won’t give an inch, your heart has hardened like the Grinch.
Release the grudge, the hate, the rue, and embrace the hope of Cindy Lou.

We support the Seuss!!!


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