Society General Meetings

For some time we have been concerned about the lack of attendance at these meetings – in some cases not enough members to form a quorum.

It is now being suggested that General Meetings only be held when deemed necessary by the Executive or when essential to deal with some constitutional matters.

Instead, your Executive Committee proposes to meet at the Museum on the first Saturday of each month at 12:00 noon to deal with all matters concerning the Society. These meetings will be open for any members to attend and take part in all discussion and minutes of the meeting can be sent to members if requested.

At the same time we have reviewed our Constitution in line with government required changes and to bring it up to date. This will be on display at the November meeting for approval.

A general meeting will be held on 5th November to ratify this proposal. If you have any objections please notify the secretary, in writing, 7 days prior to that date or attend the meeting in person.

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