From Bennelong Parkway

From Homebush Bay Drive, turning into Australia Avenue, passing Bicentennial Park main entrance, turn right at Bennelong Parkway, follow the signs to the Archery Centre, veering right and over a little road bridge, parking is on your left opposite the apartment block on the corner at Wentworth Point.

Cross the road and follow the footpath (to the left of the apartment block), this will lead you to the water’s edge, to your right you will see a white footbridge and the stunning SS Ayrfield floating on the water amongst the mangroves

What makes SS Ayrfield so special amongst the photographers is the east lying position of the floating forest shipwreck, making it a stunning rustic subject matter when set amongst a sunrise or sunset backdrop.

From Bicentennial Park

From Homebush Bay Drive, turning into Australia Avenue, turn right into the main entrance of Bicentennial Park, follow the road all the way to the last parking lot P10f.   The parking area is directly opposite the Badu Mangrove boardwalk.

This is an excellent scenic 1.3km walking track, which first takes you through the mangrove boardwalk before joining up with the cycleway/footpath, turn left and follow the path all the way to the shipwreck lookout. On your left you will pass the salt marsh, then the stunning waterbird refuge filled with birdlife. You will soon spot the first shipwreck SS Heroic on your right through the mangroves in the water.

Track to the Shipwreck Platform

Towards the end of the track, you will come to a small sandy/pebbly path with a metal plaque on the ground titled “Ship Wreck Lookout” with a brief history. To your right you will find HMAS Karangi. By the water’s edge you will find the old wooden ship-breaking ramp and crane and a telescope to view SS Ayrfield and SS Mortlake Bank.


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