line drawing of grandma and girl.
Tell me a story Gran

The most important history of any area is not the “big” things. These are always well documented. It is the little things that live in people’s memories that are truly important pieces of history which, in time, will all disappear unless they are recorded in some way, whether it be a written article or an oral history.

It’s the day-to-day living of any particular era . . . it is how things have changed, whether it be technology or lifestyle . . . it is the buildings or other things that have been lost over time . . . it is the people who have lived here and the legacies they have left behind . . . it is . . . . .

As each generation passes away we lose a little bit more of our history. NOW IS THE TIME to gather this knowledge and record it for future generations.

Just read some of the articles in this section, or browse through past issues of our newsletter and see how much you didn’t know about our area.