Rare 1890 Map of Concord

Rare 1890 Map of Concord
1890 Map of Concord

After moving to our new museum in Bent Street, Concord, you can imagine our surprise when, cataloguing our collection of rolled up maps and plans, we came across an large 1890 Higginbotham & Robinson map of Concord.  Unfortunately, over the years, it had suffered some water damage and was torn in parts, but it was too precious to keep hidden away.

Through City of Canada Bay Council’s Community Grants we were able to get sufficient funds to have the map restored and framed – and it will be officially unveiled by Mayor Helen McCaffrey, at a special event to be held at the museum on Saturday, 2nd September at 2:00 pm sharp.

Maps provide a window into the past and our map shows the way Concord was settled and developed.   David Sansome, our Local Studies Librarian, will highlight some of the stories of the Concord community of the late nineteenth century as revealed by the map.

The map shows a very different suburb from what we know today.  The Municipality of Concord had only been proclaimed 7 years earlier.  Much of the area was covered with healthy growth of trees, and around the bays there were extensive flats covered with mangrove and more or less swampy.  The greater part of the district was high ground with rich soil which supported many small farms and orchards.  Also scattered around the area were some fine residences with extensive grounds and beautiful gardens.

There were small clusters of houses in various parts of the municipality, such as the Villages of Concord, Longbottom, Beaconsfield and Mortlake.

At the time there were only two industries established – Farleigh Nettheim in Exile Bay (1880) and the Australian Gas Light Company in Mortlake (1886).

This event is not just for members, it is open to anyone who wishes to come and to join us later for light refreshments.

(See "Guest Speakers" for further information.)

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