Samuel Lee Place

After Samuel G. Lee, Mayor 1923-1924 (father of Annie Leggett, nee Lee)


Could you send me the address of Samuel Lee Place, it was originally at the end of Wellbank St Concord but it may now be relocate.
Samuel is my grandfather who lived in No 1 Wellbank St, I remember travelling with him in his T model Ford utility with his name in gold lettering along each side, he had a Florist shop near the Burward Rail station and a large nursery on the land adjacent to No 1 Wellank St
Kind regards and thanks
Les Lee (Melbourne)

CCBHS Editor

Samuel Lee Place was named in 1947 at the suggestion of Samuel’s son, W. Lee, who wrote to Council on behalf of the Lee family. It was at that time described as a “garden plot at the foot of Wellbank Street”. This would have been where the nursery was but that area has now become Edwards Park.

I read the comments to my request for the possible relocation of Samual Lee place which was at the end of Wellbank St. There are photos taken
by the then council at that time, it was at the junction of Wellbank St and ——- there was a small triangle island border by a curved road outof and into Wellbank St.
It was an unusual and possibly dangerous location, tLhe small plot had a white bench seat with Samual Lee Place written on it.
Grandpa Lee was a ex mayor of Concord and a alderman for 17y. all in the early development of Concord and surrounding district.
——– to Cabarita —-)———(—- ? Road
) ** (——— Samual Lee Place with seat
Mud map of the intersection ) (
I ——– Wellbank st