Municipality of Concord – Population

1901 – 2,800;   1911 – 4,076;  1921 – 11,013;  1933 – 23,213;   1947 – 29,401;   1954 – 28,326;  1961 – 27,750

From 1947 there is a falling off in the population because the people are growing older, but as young people come to the district the population figures will rise.

So far, over 400 new Australian Citizens have come to Concord to live.

Concord is now almost entirely built over and the number of major buildings is 7,752.  It consists of an extensive Central residential area ringed by large and important industrial concerns, including the Australian Gas Light Company, the largest gas plant in the southern hemisphere.  The Repatriation General Hospital at Concord West is the largest hospital in the Commonwealth.  7,987 persons are employed in Concord’s industries.

As for future development, Concord is now a built-up area, and any large alterations can only take place if some of the residential properties, as they become older, are taken over for industry.

(A document found in our archives, presumably from a Council annual report.  According to the 2011 Census the population of Concord was 37,158.
All the industries have now gone, having been replaced by high-rise accommodation.)


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