September 1948: It’s 75 years since Australia’s first HOLDEN motor car rolled off the assembly line. It cost £675 plus tax, or a total of £733 to buy.

September 2, 1901: The first RUGBY UNION TEST match was played between Australia and New Zealand. The Kiwis ran out winners 14-3.

September 3, 1901: Australia’s first FEDERAL BUDGET was handed down.

September 4, 1888: 120 years ago GEORGE EASTMAN patented the first hand-held roll-film camera. It became known as the Kodak camera. It was apparently called ‘kodak’ because that’s what the click of the shutter sounded like.

September 6, 1988: THOMAS GREGORY, aged 11, became the youngest person to swim the English Channel.

September 9, 1927: REVEREND JOHN FLYNN founded the Australian Inland Medical Service which later became known as the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

September 11, 2001: The WORLD TRADE CENTRE in New York and the PENTAGON in Washington D.C. were attacked by Islamic terrorists who crashed hijacked US passenger planes into them. Killing around 2,749 innocent civilians.

September 14, 1998: The SYDNEY OLYMPIC GAMES opening ceremony became the most-watched TV program in history. 10.5 million Australians witnessed the festivities on television while a crowd of 110,000 were on hand at Telstra Stadium.

September 15, 1988: 35 years ago LINDY & MICHAEL CHAMBERLAIN’s convictions regarding the death of their baby AZARIA were quashed.

September 17, 1962: Australian film director BAZ LUHRMANN was born in Sydney.

September 20, 1973: It’s 50 years since BILLIE JEAN KING played BOBBY RIGGS in a tennis match that was billed as ‘The Battle Of The Sexes’. Over 30,000 people watched King defeat Riggs, who was 26 years older, at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

September 24, 1958: The TIM TAM biscuits trade mark was registered 65 years ago. The popular Arnott’s biscuit was named after the racehorse of the same name.

September 26, 1983: AUSTRLAIA II won the America’s Cup yachting series. For the first time in 132 years the United States conceded the trophy.

September 30, 1452: Johann Guttenberg printed THE BIBLE, the first book to be published.


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