October 1, 1993: The TELEGRAM delivery service ceased in Australia.
October 2, 1984: Sony’s DISCMAN was launched.
October 3, 1984: TIM MCCARTNEY-SNAPE and GREG MORTIMER became the first Australians to climb Mt Everest.
October 7, 1954: Computer giant IBM demonstrated the first calculator.
October 9, 1973: The $50 BANK NOTE was introduced in Australia.
October 11, 1852: The UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY opened becoming Australia’s first University.
October 12, 1923: VEGEMITE was officially given its name after a nation-wide competition to name the new product. The winner received 50 pounds.
October 13, 1933: Australia’s first TRAFFIC LIGHTS were switched on in Sydney.
October 15, 1970: The WESTGATE BRIDGE collapsed in Melbourne killing 35 bridge workers.
October 19, 1895: BANJO PATERSON’S The Man From Snowy River was published.
October 20, 1973: The SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE opened by Queen Elizabeth II.
October 21, The ELECTRIC LAMP was invented by Thomas Edison.
October 22, 1960: Muhammad Ali then known as CASSIUS CLAY fought his first professional bout in Louisville, Kentucky.
October 23, 1995: Pay television provider FOXTEL began its cable TV service.
October 24, 1980: Sir PAUL McCARTNEY received a Guinness Book of World Record for becoming the world’s all-time best-selling songwriter.
October 25, 1955: The MICROWAVE OVEN went on sale for the first time.
October 26, 1967: Keith Urban was born on this day in New Zealand.
October 27, 1728: Captain JAMES COOK born in Yorkshire, England. He died in 1779 aged 51.
October 28, 1968: Australia’s twice daily MAIL DELIVERIES by suburban posties ceased.
October 29, 1982: LINDY CHAMBERLAIN was wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her 9-week-old baby Azaria.
October 30, 1965: UK model JEAN SHRIMPTON made headlines when she wore a mini skirt with no stockings, hat or gloves at Derby Day at Melbourne’s Flemington racecourse.
October 31, 1993:AUSTRALIAN AIRLINES became officially known as QANTAS


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