November 1 Makybe Diva won a record 3rd successive Melbourne Cup – 2005.
November 2
Ken (Muscles) Rosewall, Australian tennis champion was born in Sydney in 1934. He was only 5ft 7ins and was called “Muscles” by his fellow players because of his lack of them.
November 3
Bill Clinton was elected 42nd president of the United States in 1992.
November 4
John Paul Young (born in Scotland) became an Australian citizen in 1994.
November 5
Phar Lap, ridden by Jim Pike, won the Melbourne Cup in 1930.
November 7
Melbourne Cup was run for the first time and won by Archer in 1861.
November 8
Countdown went to air for the first time on ABC television in 1974. The final program went to air in July 1987 and was recorded at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.
November 9
John Singleton, Australian businessman and the major shareholder of the Macquarie Radio Network, was born on this day in 1941.
November 10
John F Kennedy, aged 43, was elected as the youngest ever US president in 1960.
November 11
Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was sacked by the Governor-General Sir John Kerr in 1975.
November 12
The first “Happy Hour” was held at a pub in Ireland in 1745.
November 13
Australia’s first lighthouse went into service at South Head, Sydney in 1818. It was illuminated by an oil lamp.
November 14
Dick Johnson raced at Bathurst for the final time in 1999 to conclude his 35 year touring car career.
November 15
Ken Sutcliffe, Australian TV and sports presenter, was born in Oberon, NSW in 1947.
November 16
QANTAS (Qld and Northern Territory Aerial Service Ltd) was registered by Hudson Fysh, PJ McGinness and Fergus McMaster in Qld in 1920. Fysh and McGinness were wartime aviators. McMaster was a grazier.
November 17
Rev. Gordon Moyes, Australian Uniting Church Minister, was born in 1938. He headed the Wesley Central Mission in Sydney and was heard on Sunday nights on 2GB for many years.
November 18
Push button telephones were introduced in 1963 by America’s Bell Telephone Company.
November 19 Sammy Davis Jnr lost an eye, the result of a car accident in 1954.
November 20 ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’ ended after 28 years on Australian television in 1999.
November 21 Thomas Edison announced the invention of his “talking machine” which became known as the gramophone in 1877.
November 22 Kerry Packer underwent a kidney operation in 2000, after receiving a kidney from his 60-year-old helicopter pilot Nicholas “Biggles’ Ross.
November 23 The ANZ Bank opened for business on Saturday mornings in 1991. Over 40 branches in NSW and Victoria opened for trading – the first weekend banking of its kind in nearly 20 years.
November 24
Lee Harvey Oswald, aged 24, was shot and killed by Jack Ruby in 1963. Oswald is believed to have assassinated President John F Kennedy only 2 days earlier.
November 25
Pat O’Shane became the first Aboriginal woman to head a government department when she was appointed head of NSW’s Department of Aboriginal Affairs in 1981.
November 26
Star City Entertainment complex opened at Sydney Harbour Casino in 1997.
November 27
Isabelle Dinoire of France became the first woman to undergo a partial face transplant in 2005. She was severely disfigured after her pet dog chewed off her nose, lips and chin.
November 28
The Dog On The Tuckerbox statue was unveiled by Prime Minister Joseph Lyons, near Gundagai, NSW in 1932.
November 29
Australia’s first Holden motor vehicle was launched by General Motors Holden in 1948.
November 30
Advance Australia Fair was performed for the first time in 1878. It was written by Peter McCormick. It became the Australian national anthem in 1984.


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