February 5, 1991 – 1 and 2 cent pieces came off the production line for the final time at the Royal Australian Mint
February 3, 1954 – Queen Elizabeth arrived in Australia and became the first reigning monarch to visit the country.
February 4, 1965 – Don Lane made his debut as host of the Tonight Show. The show ended in 1969.
February 6, 1906 – the world’s first surf life saving club, Bondi Surf Bather’s Life Saving Club, was formed
February 10, 1788 – Australia’s first wedding ceremony took place at Sydney Cove
February 11, 1979 – 60 Minutes began on Australian television. The original reporters were George Negus, Ray Martin and Ian Leslie.
February 13, 2008 – a formal apology to the Aboriginal Stolen Generations was made by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
February 14, 1966 – decimal currency was introduced in Australia
February 15, 1934 – Graham Kennedy was born in St. Kilda. He died aged 71 in 2005.
February 16, 600AD – Pope Gregory I decreed that “God bless you” was the correct response to a sneeze.
February 19, 1942 – Darwin was bombed by Japanese aircraft, killing 243 people
February 23, 1929 – Pharlap raced for the first time at Sydney’s Rosehill Race course. He was unplaced
February 23, 1987 – mobile telephones first went on sale in Australia when Telstra launched the country’s first cellular network in Sydney. Car mounted or bag phones went on sale for $4,250
February 24, 2000 – Dick Smith and his co-pilot John Wallington made history when their balloon touched down on a northern NSW beach after successfully crossing the Tasman Sea
February 25, 1961 – Trams ran in Sydney for the last time (from La Perouse to Randwick)
February 25, 1991 – cricketer Sir Donald Bradman died aged 92


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