December 2: 1972 – The LABOR GOVERNMENT led by Gough Whitlam was elected in Australia for the first time in 23 years. Gough Whitlam became the Prime Minister when he defeated William McMahon at the polls.

December 3: 1967 – the world’s first HUMAN HEART TRANSPLANT was performed by Dr Christiaan Barnard at Capetown, South Africa.

December 4: 2002 – Australia experienced a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

December 5: 1924 – WOOLWORTHS first store opened in a basement between Pitt and Castlereagh Streets.

December 6: 1982 – AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S WEEKLY became a monthly magazine.

December 8: 1980 – former Beatle JOHN LENNON was shot dead in New York City.

December 9: 1843 – the first CHRISTMAS CARD was created in England for Sir Henry Cole who sent 1000 identical cards to all his friends.

December 10: 1949 – QUEENSLAND was proclaimed a separate colony from NSW.

December 13: 1955 – DAME EDNA EVERAGE (created and played by Barry Humphries) made her stage debut at Melbourne’s Union Theatre.

December 14: 1977 – the first NIGHT CRICKET MATCH was played between Australia and the Rest Of The World at VFL Park in Melbourne.

December 15: 1979 – the TRIVIAL PURSUIT board game was invented by two Canadians. It was first manufactured in 1982.

December 17: 1967 – Australian Prime Minister HAROLD HOLT disappeared while swimming at Portsea in the Mornington Peninsula. His body was never found.

December 18: 1946 – ALBURY was proclaimed a city.

December 19: 1991 – PAUL KEATING became Prime Minister of Australia.

December 20: 1947 – Australian yachtsman JOHN BERTRAND was born in Melbourne. He was skipper of Australia II when it won the America’s Cup in 1983.

December 22: 1912 – the COMMONWEALTH BANK was established in Melbourne by the Federal Government. The first branch opened in July 1912.

December 24: 1974 – CYCLONE TRACY struck Darwin killing 65 people. In all 70% of Darwin’s homes were destroyed or suffered structural damage.

December 26: 2005 – Australia’s richest man, KERRY PACKER, died aged 67.

December 27: 1972 – Australia ended its involvement in the VIETNAM WAR.

December 28: 1895 – the world’s first CINEMA SCREENING was held in Paris.

December 29: 1837 – BUCKINGHAM PALACE became the official residence of Britain’s Royal Family

December 30: 1971 – MACDONALDS opened their first restaurant in Australia at Yagoona.

December 31: 1967 – QUINTUPLETS were born in Australia for the first time to Mrs Roger Braham of Tenterfield.


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