Is Your Home Fire Safe?

If you missed our last talk on “Fire Safety in the Home for Seniors” you missed meeting some great guys who gave us lots of information to makes our homes more safe. Unfortunately, due to being called out straight after the talk they didn’t have time to discuss another service offered.

Fire fighters are now coming to people’s houses, when invited, to see if they can identify ways of making the homes safer. It is a quick 30 minutes visit. If you would like them to do a home fire safety audit on your home just contact the Fire Station.

There is also information on their web site for anyone that would like to do their own research.

Just on another note: A couple of days after the talk one of our members who attended sent me the following email. Regarding the Fire Safety talk last meeting, our elderly neighbour left spaghetti cooking on the stove on Monday and went out for hours. Her alarm was beeping for ages, and once we smelled the burning smoke, we had to break in via her back doggie door to get to the pot. The smoke was already about a foot thick from the ceiling down. She is so grateful that we saved her home, and I’m grateful that I just had some training in what to do. Please pass this on to the local firies to let them know. Good Job!!

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