a British based sheep dip manufacturing company bought land on Exile Bay in 1919.


  1. I worked for the company around 1950 then left and went back a few years later.I was one of the juniors that did the wrapping of the sheep dip where the packets were filled on the manual machine then wrapped with the Appropriate label using hot glue then racked to dry before being packed.I later operated the kiln drying machine and did the mixing on the second floor before the brew went down to the drying kiln.Roley Barry was the foreman at that time.

    1. My father worked at Coopers in the 1950โ€™s as a fitter and turner. We lived in one of the companyโ€™s on- site houses until 1958 when Mum and Dad bought a home and we settled in Campbelltown.

      I am wondering if anyone remembers the address of the Coopers factory in Cabarita.

  2. I worked for Coopers in account’s payable from 1974 to 1976. My immediate superior was Alex Johnson. Had I stayed on I would have taken over Alex’s duties when he was to retire in 1977. I was the kid that had to run around with the outgoing cheques and their documents trying to to get one of the signatories to sign them. Luckily Mr (Eric?) Paton was one of the sympathetic bosses who gladly helped when he was available. Once in a while the big chief himself would also sign them. He’s chauffeur, whom I regret I don’t remember his name any more, drove almost daily to several banks that Coopers delt with.
    Last I heard anything from the company was in 1980 when I received a letter of recommendation from Elizabeth Jazz in HR. Seems like they missed me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now I live in Norway.

  3. I worked for the company from 1969 to 1981. The address was 53 Phillips St, Cabarita (Concord). I remember when Jack Greig and family lived in one of the cottages at the gate as I went to school with his son, John. Ah, memories! My sister also worked in NSW sales office during the time I was there.

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