(later Tanner Middleton Pty.Ltd.) established a flourishing timber mill in Exile Bay before World War I, producing sawn logs, milling and flooring.


Michael Moxon

My first job was at Tanner and Middleton, in 1960 I was 16, I started in the garage as a grease monkey and other odd jobs, after awhile I moved into the main mill and tailed out on the saws and planers, I ended up as a Timber Order-man, I also used to drive a machine that used to pick up timber loads underneath it. This vehicle had long legs with the wheels at the bottom of them the drive wheels were connected to the drive axles by a chain and the driver was about 8 feet up on top. What I would like is if you have any photos of these vehicles. I know these vehicles were used in America in there Timber industry. I would be grateful for any correspondence.