I’ve grown up Aussie style, a sun-kissed Weet Bix kid;
I’ve played street cricket, broken windows then hid.
I’ve choked on a fly and still been a happy little Vegemite;
I’ve smiled even when the mozzies have started to bite.
I’ve swung from the Hills Hoist, then ran from Mum’s smack;
I’ve learnt that a kid could starve if it wasn’t for Snack Pack.
I’ve made a meal of Corn Flakes and drunk milk through a Tim Tam straw,
I’ve lived through many summers, each hotter than the one before.
I’ve had a beer for breakfast, and snag sangers for my tea,
I’ve burnt my soles on sand and nearly drowned in the sea.
I travelled to places like Mullumbimby, Goondiwindi and Woolloomooloo;
I’ve swatted at Louie and, yes, I have had a red back in my loo.
I’ve searched the summer night for sleep, underneath a fan.
I’ve been as happy as a pig in mud and been “not happy Jan”.
I’ve seen the giants of my land – the prawn, banana and the sheep –
I’ve said “she’ll be right mate” just before landing in a huge dung heap.
I’ve Slipped. Slopped and Slapped ‘cos I forgotten the Aeroguard,
I’ve thrown another prawn on the barbie with mates in the backyard.
I’ve had a Gaytime, cracked a Cornetto and tried every Paddle Pop,
I’ve even had to chuck a sickie after a long night on the grog.
I’ve gone deaf from cicadas and dealt with the blue tailed fly,
I’ve eaten Pavs and Lammos, and poured dead horse on my pie.
I’ve done some hard yakka, and been flat out like a lizard drinking,
I’ve seen a bogan with a mullet and thought, “what the hell was he thinking?”
I’ve said things like “ripper”, “bonza” and “fair suck of the saveloy”,
I’ve melted from the heat, day after day, then greeted a wild storm with joy.
I’ve mastered my rites of passage, like the full pelt sprint in thongs;
I’ve danced to Acca-Dacca and know the words to LRB songs.
I’ve swum at pristine beaches,  I’ve smelt eucalypt in the air,
I’ve danced the national dance – the “hot sand shuffle” – with flair.
I’ve peeled off my skin after long summer days under the sun,
I marvelled at our wildlife, and from a few I have had to run.
I’ve grown up in the lucky country, lucky it is peaceful and free,
I’ve now have the great brown land deep inside of me.
I’ve stood for our National Anthem and I’ve screamed Oi Oi Oi,
I’ve grown such pride for my country that nothing could destroy.
I’ve stood under the Southern Cross and been in awe of what I can see,
Cause I’m True Blue, I’m Dinky Di, I am 100 percent proud Aussie.

This was stolen from Garry Sloane in the Facebook page “Australian History – The Way it Was – a Nostalgic Look at our Past.
 I couldn’t have said it better.


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