Have you visited our Museum?

Have you visited our Museum?
Part of our Underwear Through the Ages display

Even if you have it would be good to come again to see our new displays. We have several new exhibitions showcasing some of our various collections.

Part of our Photography Display

Of special local interest is our celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the first Formal Celebration of what is now Australia Day by Isaac Nichols, whose original land grant is now the Yaralla Estate. We have also have displays of Underwear Through the Ages, our Photography Collection, Clean & Decent, and part of our Shoe and Hat collections.

We have retained our ever-popular 1930s kitchen, laundry and Children’s area as these are always popular with both young and old.

Bathing in the “good old days”

If you haven’t visited previously, now would be a good time to come. If you have visited in the past, then it’s time to visit again.

The displays will be on until the end of June, at which time we will be showcasing more of our collection.

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